Dos and don’ts for a safe and happy Diwali



1. Buy firecrackers from licensed shops only and don’t forget to check the manufacturing date

2. Read instructions on cracker packets

3. Keep water and sand buckets ready for any unanticipated accident

4. Keep children away from firecrackers

5. Keep crackers away from sources of fire like matchbox, candles and diyas

6. Wear cotton clothes and shoes. Avoid nylon or synthetic clothes while bursting crackers

7. Keep first-aid box ready and rush to nearby hospital in case of injuries


1. Don’t burst crackers indoor

2. Don’t cover crackers with tin container or glass bottles for sound effect

3. Don’t put fire crackers in your pocket

4. Don’t fiddle with an unburst cracker

5. Don’t burst crackers near stray animals, on road or near hospitals